Protect and Adhering Auction Artwork

Make the Art Auction Projects last longer by using an appropriate adhesive and applying an appropriate protective finish!

Golden and Liquitex Gel Mediums work as paint extenders, adhesive, and coating. (Use jar in AI Closet if you are using very small amount or to test your project). It works like Modge Podge. Available in matte, satin, semi, and gloss. The Golden jar in our closet provides UV protection. I don’t know if Modge Podge offers UV protection.

    • You can buy at Michaels and Aarons Brothers – use 40-50% coupon
    • Closest art store Daniel Smith by Sears at Overlake. Ask for school discount 10%
    • Instructions, ideas available at Golden and Liquitex. You can also find YouTube videos.
  • UV spray finish – matte and satin spray cans in AI closet. Spray on a test paper to see if spray will remain looking wet or is appropriate
  • Stay away from construction paper which will fade


  • If you are preparing raw substrates like wood, use gesso (works like a paint primer).
  • I’ll also leave some strong, drier adhesives in closet. Use a plastic card like credit card, chip board to spread.
  • Archival Linen tape– hanging on pegboard in closet. Good for mounting delicate or thin papers onto mat board.
  • Glue sticks and Elmer’s might be too wet or still fall off