Art Auction Project Assignments for 2014-2015

Here are the project assignments.

A class may choose to create a project of their choosing. Please do check with the Program Chair first. We want to minimize similar items at auction and review that the project is appropriate and achievable for the desired outcome given time, skills, budget for the auction.

** If your project involves large piece of watercolor paper, read this **

Class Grade Project Medium File
Ayers K Masking tape canvas Acrylic/tempera on two canvases  Download
Shriver K O’Keeffe Flowers Wax resist, design papers  Download
Thrall K Ink Blocks or Color of Olives Watercolor wax resist  Download
Brown 1 Metal embossing or gelli prints Embossing or printmaking  Angel has
McCaskey 1 Sheep on a Hill/Flowers in meadow Watercolor, wax resist  Download
Pederson 1 Glass fusing Vase or platter  Artist-led
Williamson 1 Saltbox houses Folk Art Oil pastels, ink on paper  Download
Bowen 2 Watching the Sun (rainbow, birds) Chalk pastels and bird stencil  Download
Fuller 2 Tissue paper flowers Tissue, marker outline  Download
Greytak 2  Scratch foam printing Printmaking  Download
Hampshire 2  The Earth Poured Pouring medium, shrinky dink people  Download
Palmer 2 Tissue paper fruits on geo blocks Tissue, oil pastel, marker  No volunteers yet 😦
Wells 2 Fishsticks Wood/canvas, pastel, paint No volunteers yet 😦
Brodhead 3 TBD volunteers TBA  From volunteer
Dunn 3 Houses in Town Ink and paint on paper  Download
O’Hare 3 Faces on rounds Paint on wooden rounds  Download
Pelto 3 Mirror Ceramic painting  From volunteer
Scott 3 Glass fusing Vase or platter  Artist-led
Teasley 3 Cityscape or Friends of Bentley Texture paper, or animal headshots  TBD
Gagne 4 Greenback turtles (pair) Watercolor paper, salt  Download
Jackson 4 Orange Blossoms or TBD Acrylic on canvas TBD
Levin 4 Circles using dots Dimensional paint on canvas  No volunteers yet 😦
Myrick 4 4×4 design blocks Individual images  Download
Pastorelli 4 School of fish Media media on elephant board  See Art Blog Fish installation
Angel has this
Day 5 Typography TBA  —
Hunter 5 Puzzle pieces Mixed media  Download
McLean 5 Kandinsky Circles Felting From volunteer
Rogers 5 Dandelions and Pods Acylic and ink on canvas/paper  Download
Tonning 5 TBD volunteers TBA  —