The Auction is just days away!

Our longstanding and much cherished tradition is the class art projects, which raise significant funds. During our 2012-3 auction, class art projects alone raised over $30,000! Can you imagine how much more we are able to do with these funds?

Art Auction Projects Reveal!! 

Class Grade  Project Medium Click to view larger
Ayers K The Hand Tree  Tissue, paint on canvas Ayers Tree web
Shriver K Fire Flower Paper and paint on canvas 1-Shriver Flower Project (Cropped Resized)
Thrall K  Birds in a Tree  Paint on paper Thrall Thumbprint Birds
Brown 1 Imaginary Creatures Metal embossing Brown Cropped New label Look behind the scenes
McCaskey 1 The Four Seasons of Love  Acrylic paint on canvas  McCaskey Tree
Pederson 1 Fish in the Sea Fused Glass Platter Pederson platter
Williamson 1 Birdsongs paint, reclaimed wood  Williamson Birds
Look behind the scenes
Bowen 2 Seascape Pastel, collage Bowen Seascape - web
 Fuller 2 The Mood of Spring Tissue paper Fuller Tissue Poppies
Greytak 2 Our World Printmaking  Greytak (rough crop from class photo)
  ampshire 2 The Earth Poured Pouring medium, shrinky dink people Hampshire Poured Earth
Palmer 2 Glorious Peacock Wooden shapes, paint, marker  Palmer Peacock web
Wells 2 Seattle Fireworks Collage

 Wells Seattle Fireworks
Look behind the scenes

Brodhead 3  Circle of Unity  Felting, origami Brodhead class+project - web
Dunn 3 Houses in Town Ink and paint on birch panel Dunn web
O’Hare 3  Gems of the World Glass rounds, paint, canvas  Ohare glass and paint Web
Pelto 3 When We Grow Up, We Will Be… Mirror with hand-painted tile border Pelto 3 web
Scott 3 Glass fusing Vase Scott Vase web
Teasley 3 Swarm of Butterflies Paper, paint Teasley butterflies
Gagne 4 Greenback turtles (pair) Watercolor paper, salt Gagne Project Turtles Edited - web
Jackson 4  Jackson’s Class Glass Fused glass 4th Grade Jackson Fused Glass Hanging
Levin 4 Collaborate – Art of Circles Paper, ink, wood rounds  Levin Circles and Ovals
Myrick 4 Washington State Alphabet 4×4 watercolor, paper on blocks Myrick WA Alphabet web2
Pastorelli 4 Go Fish Media media, plywood, birch elephant board Pastorelli Go FishLook behind the scene
Day 5 Typography Day Typography Edited - web
Hunter 5 Puzzle pieces Mixed media Hunter -web
McLean 5 Kandinsky Mandalas Shrink plastic, markers, paint  McLean Shrinky Dink Mandalas
Rogers 5 Dandelions and Pods Acrylic paint and ink on canvas Rogers Pods Dandelions Edited - Web
Tonning 5 World Map  Paint, canvas Tonning Map