Art Imagination

AI stands for Art Imagination

Somerset has been very fortunate to have a continually PTSA-funded volunteer-based art enrichment program.  The funds are used to buy new supplies and replacement tools each year.

The concept is simple: monthly enrichment session in your child’s classroom to learn about an artist, sample works, study his/her medium and materials use and create an art piece based on artist’ style and/or medium.

AI in your child’s classroom only happens when parents in that class volunteer. You can sign to do it once, all year along, as the lead, or assistant. Simply pull out suggested lesson plan with presentation and instructions and push a cart of supplies to your child’s classroom!

FORMAT: 15 minutes to present the artist, sample works. Show/describe technique and the adapted assignment. Students then work for about 30 minutes. Direct set up and clean up

Lesson plans can also be tied to what the teacher is covering in class. Here are some examples

    • Form, Shape & Space – Geometric to Organic (relates to science and math)Giacometti – Dream People (relates to body forms and perspective)
    • NW Indian Totem Poles (relates to people, social studies, symbolism)
    • Marbling Papers (relates to chemistry or liquid weight)
    • Collage (relates to fabric, paper and recycled materials)