Art Auction: Seattle Fireworks Wells|2nd

Seattle Fireworks is the collaborative work of twenty-four Second Graders with their teacher Mrs. Wells.  The work – about 18″x30″ sits beautifully in a silver with gold tone frame with a sleek archival mat board.

Yours truly – playing the camera woman- was unable to remove the glass easily and create a setting in time to take a better photo.  (Come to the Exhibit Family Viewing Night to see in person… better yet, check it out and come and bid on this beautiful artwork at the Auction). It looks stunning in person!Wells Seattle Fireworks

The process is not hard, but there are a few steps.

The students first laid out the fireworks. Circles were traced and cut free-hand and laid in a concentric manner, some circles larger, others smaller. They overlap to create additional colors and add depth. DSC_7012

Half way through, we took a step back to evaluate to decide remaining fireworks, what size and color palette (warm or cool colors). The white circles in the photograph contain this information. Fireworks planned out

After the fireworks are complete dry, the Seattle skyline is created. Students used fine papers of two beige tones to design their buildings. Their monochromatic color scheme is what sets off the fireworks.

13-WP_20150204_00815-WP_20150204_010 17-WP_20150204_012

From there, the parent volunteers took over to glue the buildings down. The layout is dynamic because there was no way to really mark ahead the exact locations and the layer the buildings. We would have preferred to involve the students in this phase as well, but they’d probably have sacked out waiting for us to locate each building and have to glue down, remove and glue a few times to reach a satisfactory result.

The image is then complete. Before assembly and setting it in a frame to really make it pop, the entire artwork is coated with two layers of gel medium which provides some UV protection. Here is what it looked like before going into the frame.20-WP_20150211_001

The winner of this artwork will now be able to enjoy fireworks EVERYDAY in Seattle.