Art Auction: Imaginary Creatures (1st| Mr. Brown)

Brown Imaginary CreaturesDSC_6023 webDSC_6030 - webDSC_6034 - web

Let the First Graders in Mr. Brown’s class show you the Imaginary Creatures they came up with! Imagine them hanging around in your living room!!

Inspired by authors and illustrators who created imaginary creatures and challenged to think beyond the ordinary, these students started out by creating several creatures on 4-panel drawing sheets and selected one to share with you.

They very carefully transferred their chosen creature drawing onto tracing paper so that a copy of the image can be laid over a thin sheet of metal. Then they meticulously embossed their Imaginary Creature to make each one dimensional using a stylus. For a finishing touch, they rubbed black acrylic with tarlatan cloth (used in printmaking to rub ink off etching plates) to give it some patina.

A look into their art process

Imaginary Creatures FATHER SON David Nathan Imaginary Creatures FATHER DAUGHTER Andy Madeleine Imaginary Creatures Ethan DSC_5564