Art Auction: Go Fish (4th Pastorelli)

Go Fish 4th Grade

Created by the 4th Graders in Mrs. Pastorelli’s class, Go Fish is a group composition of 58 individually designed unique fish. Handcrafted from 1/16″ birch plywood, each fish was individually cut, sanded, primed before each student chose their own combination of media to design two fish. Choices ranged from watercolors to acrylics to soft and oil pastels to graphite and color pencils.

The school of fish are float-mounted on different size spacers to enhance depth. While Mrs. Pastorelli’s leader fish led most of the school, a few “rebel” fish swim around, some in the opposite direction!

DSC_5988-web DSC_6004-web


DSC_6053 - Copy

Each student glued fish as part of the whole experience of creating the artwork. The overwhelming comment during this phase: “This glue is very stinky!”